What Author's Say (3)

 "I can see you've been working very hard on my behalf and I am very grateful for this. You really do offer an excelent service and I am glad I decided to work with you" Beth Boland, author of 'The Trivial Tragedy of Hilda the Vegetarian Vampire Bat' published by SilverWood Books.

"I have been delighted with the service, efficiency and enthusiasm that Nigel demonstrated with my book." Mike Bearcoft, author of 'Dangerous Score' published by N.G.P.

"How do you cope with your job?! I have spent 2 hours on the phone this morning talking to some of the bookshops you recommended and I'm absolutely exhausted! And to think you do this every day! The book seems to be selling well. Many thanks for all your work on my behalf." Judy Darby author of 'A Bundle of Sticks' published by N.G.P.

 "You were so good with my previous book 'The Watchmans' Garden' contacting Watkins, college bookshops, Waterstones and a host of other contacts and relaying their responses. I am hoping your promotional skills will work even better with my latest book concerning one family's struggle with depression 'Identity Crisis' by Sally E Daglish & M.K. Daglish. Both books published by N.G.P. 

 "You have worked assiduously for me Nigel. My finders are now fully aware, having typed up all your detailed and accurate contacts in order to send each of the 42 bookstores a 'personal' letter with an enlarged book cover. I will try and follow up your suggestions. I cannot thank you enough for the enormous amount of work you have put in and the benefit of your contacts. Also your courtesy and enthusiasm. Sally E Daglish, 'Identity Crisis' - see above.

 "Thank you very much for all your help Nigel. I have now received a stack of my books and I will do follow-ups based on your recommendations. All good wishes." Janet King, Author of 'Making Connections' published by N.G.P.

 "Nigel is currently working on a third book for me and I know I can rely on him to raise the profile of myself and my work." Keith Jacobsen, Author of 'The Eye of God' published by N.G.P. 

 "I very much appreciated the help and support given to me by Nigel with the promotion of my book. I was unsure what to expect, but his hard work - contacting many bookshops and speaking to the appropriate people - made me feel that doors had been opened for me. He always kept me informed with updates and I felt confident enough to build on these initial contacts. I am very grateful and enjoyed working in partnership with a professional. Thank-you, 

Nigel."  Sylvie Short, Author of 'It Rained in Bora Bora', published by N.G.P.

"I am greatly impressed with all your efforts on my behalf - thank you very much indeed." Judy Darby, Author of 'A Bundle of Sticks: A Memoir.' 

  "Thank you Nigel for everything. My second book (the follow up) is working its way through too, so maybe it will come your way. I note what you say about follow ups etc. I am going to be featured on the local ITV news, magazine and paper. Because of the busy Xmas period, they are leaving it until the start of January. The local bookshop Bookends, Carlisle, have been selling my book and is doing okay. Indeed I have had to give them some of my 'Author' copies. When my articles are printed, I will push more with the list you have supplied. I believe they will show the seriousness of my endeavours. Gerry Stewart, Author of 'Credible Justice', published by N.G.P.